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About UniCAD

Universal calculating software suit for building constructions


Special CAD system for constructions of any building materials: aluminium, wood, PVC, steel

Constructions of high-complexity

Calculation of all parts and details of buildings: windows, doors, sliding systems, curtain walls etc.

Customized reports

Report generator can be completely adapted (tuned) for your company standards

AutoCAD files (file formats) export/import

Construction and cross-section drawings can be easily imported from or exported to AutoCAD

Adaptable production module

Program can be attuned to any manufactoring and production equipment

Accurate and detail calculations

Calculation of building materials up to every mm and every screw

Integrated Strength Calculation

Many factors are considered: wind or snow impact, weight of backfills, profile weight.

Design error checking

Checking at every step of calculating and plotting.

Multilingual User Interface
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